The brand new 30W - H7 LED headlight conversion kit from Solid Solutions is a high quality and latest in innovation upgrade kit specifically designed to work with the majority of motorbikes. The conversion kit has been manufactured to the highest standards and quality.

This H7 LED headlight conversion kit produces a perfect beam pattern and up to three times more light than a standard factory fitted halogen bulb, which of course gives you a much more phenomenal and safe driving experience at day or night and gives you as well a modern look and feel! This H7 LED headlight conversion kit produces an excellent crisp and pure white light beam, which perfectly reflects road markings and signs thanks to an output of 3000 lumens per LED bulb. This improvement in light output, and crisp clear beam pattern also aids in reacting to potential hazards much sooner. The H7 LED conversion kit can be used as either low or high beam.

As opposed to xenon HID kits, there is no lag / warm up time with these and therefore you get an instant and maximum brightness. This makes it great for high beam conversions too, the light is instant available. This mean that you can use the high beam headlight for warning signals towards oncoming traffic, if needed.

These LED bulbs are designed to outperform standard halogen bulbs, and match the brightness of HID bulbs. The lifetime of the LED bulb surpasses the halogen and xenon bulb multiple times.

The H7 headlight conversion kit use much lower power consumption (about 50% and this at a light brightness output of 300%, compared to the traditional halogen bulbs). It contribute therefore to saving energy as well as being environmentally friendly. These kits are designed to last an impressive 30,000+ hours.

In particular this brand new model has been designed for motorcycles which have space and / or fitment problems within the motorcycles headlight assembly. With its innovative copper heat dissipation construction, this product is a lot smaller and fitment friendly even in the tightest of spaces, without the loss in lumens output! The integrated driver contributes as well to the ease of installation. No extra place to search for fixing the external driver. Simple connect the 12V electrical wire to the LED and off you go! With the detachable H7 socket from the LED bulb, the installation is a breeze. No hassle with the fixing spring of the lamp holder.

Thermoelectric separation technology is used. The unique construction and design of each bulb allows for efficient heat dissipation. The LED bulb is made out of 6063 aluminum alloy with silver plated red copper to ensure maximum heat dissipation and conduction. So no need of a cooling fan, which can fail. A special temperature control system will protect the LED bulb and if the situation ever would occur of potential too high temperature, the light output power will be lowered automatically to protect the LED bulb.

The LED headlight bulbs are rated at an IP68 waterproof rating, and are also dust-proof and shockproof, removing the hassle of changing bulbs due to shattering.

For some BMW motorcycles, Solid Solutions has developed a special rubber cover that replaces the existing round headlight cover. The rubber cover matches the LED bulb and ensures the water tightness of the lamp assembly. No need any more to drill a hole into the round headlight cover, as needed when installing a Xenon lamp. Just Plug-N-Play. Even if your motorcycle is already equipped with a xenon light and the hole is made into your round headlight cover, there is no problem to upgrade it with this excellent headlight conversion kit.

Let's get some highlights summarized...

See and be seen with the LED headlight

Wide areas of red copper and aviation aluminium ensuring the quick heat dissipation

Innovative technology using the latest generation LEDs

Stable performance thanks to constant current driver

Static cooling and no fan needed

Temperature is monitored via an intelligent control chip

The H7 LED bulb is a one-to-one replacement

Easy installation due to optimized, detachable H7 socket – LED base concept

Integrates very well to the existing headlight assembly

Energy saving – the 30W LED is as bright as a 100W halogen bulb

Intelligent constant current power supply

Non-polarity electrical connection design

All weatherproof design (IP68)

Very long LED lifetime (30.000+ hours)

Bright and visible

More clear when lighting the road


Instant light output, no warm-up time needed

Integrated driver into the LED bulb, so no extra space is needed

Simple structure with fewer parts than xenon lamps

Significantly lower failure rates then halogen and xenon bulbs

True white colour output

Immense LED power, along with energy efficiency savings

Socket type: H7

Color temperature: 6000 K – pure white

Brightness: 3000 lumens

Beam angle: 360°

Protection level: IP68

Material: red copper and aviation aluminium 6063

Type of LED: Automotive high-class LED Chip Technology

Voltage: 9 V .. 32 V

Power: 30 W

Driver: integrated

Lifespan: 30.000+ hours

Working temperature: -40 °C ~ +80 °C

Cooling technology: conduction, no fan

Application: low and high beam headlight (instant light available)

CANBUS: designed to work with 99% of CANBUS related motorcycles

For some BMW bikes: a special rubber cover is available

Dimensions LED bulb: 48mm x 93mm

Weight LED bulb: 125 grams

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