Please check first if the positiong light is working.

Switch-off the contact before starting the installation of the DRL module.
The first step is to remove the widscreen.
Remove the 2 screws that hold the lamp assembly.

Protect you bike with a e.g. a clothing to prevent scratched on your painted part.
Remove the 4 small screws at the back-side of the lamp assembly. This will release the black lamp cover.

Install the DRL module in the same (reverse) way.

Use the original 4 small screws.

Remove the T10 bulb from the lamp housing.

Remove the T10 bulb from its connector.

Bring the male connector T10 of the DRL module in the area of the female T10 connector.

Make the connection between the two T10 connectors.

Pay attention not to force the connectors!

Polarity doesn't matter, as the electronics of the DRL module is bi-polair.

Use the supplied rubber plug to seal the hole in the lamp housing at the location where the T10 bulb was.

Reinstall the lamp housing and the windscreen.

Test the DRL module.

Bee seen now by the unique light!

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