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April 20, 2015
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The first DRL module for the BMW R1200GS/GSA is today officially released.

The xenon products are replaced by all new H7 LED systems. They are as bright as the xenon lights, but with much longer lifetime.

The ACCELERATOR module™ for the Triumph motorcycles are today officially released.

The first ACCELERATOR module™ for the BMW R1200GS liquid cooled is today officially released.

The first ACCELERATOR module™ for the Yamaha FJR1300 is today officially released.

The first ACCELERATOR module™ for the Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré is today officially released.

The ACCELERATOR module™ for a wide range of KTM motorcycles are available today.

Solid Solutions and Schlowy Custom Motorcycles join forces to develop an "ACCELERATOR module"™ for the KTM motorbikes. Checkout the brochure.

Over 6000 ACCELERATOR module™ sold today!

Our Xenon conversion kit is 100% compatible with the BMW CAN-bus system. No error messages is generated on the multifunctional display!

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Regardless of which of the four seasons the motor is driven, whether it is day or night, for safety reasons, the motorcyclists should see and be seen.

Therefore Solid Solutions offers solutions to enhance the visibility, especially based on the latest CREE high power LED technology. With a luminosity up to ten times higher than that of conventional halogen lamps, the rider benefits from a considerable enhancement in safety in all road conditions and light situations.

Solid Solutions offers a unique product in motorcycle detection and rider safety with advanced DRL (Daytime Running Lights), also known as Navigation Lights, using low-power consuming, extremely durable and outstanding light-generating LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. The durability goes hand in hand with the powerful luminescence provided by LED light.

At the same time, an uniform illumination pattern is generated, called as Uniform LED Effect. It is a great aid at night and in poor visibility, but also the mirrored 'C' shape running light is very recognisable . When this daytime running light is switched on (this may even occur automatically via a light sensor and is sold as another option), the distinctive appearance of the light makes the bike and its rider much easier to spot than other road users in any conditions. Another plus is that the DRL module gives a modern look to your bike.

The LED daytime running light makes the bike and its precious cargo of rider and pillion much easier to be seen among other road users and hazardous conditions. So yes, this is yet another safety boost. In combination with the main headlight, it guarantees optimal road illumination and enhanced motorcycle visibility, whether on or off road.

Very long lifetime of the LED's will be achieved since the output power of the DRL module is set to only 50% of the maximum output power that the LED's can handle. The DRL module uses the latest version of the COB LED's, which gives a higher, uniform, whiter and more powerful luminescence light.

TIP: A perfect colour match with your low-beam and/or high-beam headlight can be achieved by installing also the high power H7 LED from Solid Solutions. There is a special version available with a rubber cover that is compatible with almost all BMW bikes.

So, for reasons of safety or unique visual appearance, the DRL LED module upgrade is an option that you just want to have.

See and be seen with the LED daytime running light

Uniquely styled lighting

Improves a superb modern view

One-to-one replacement

Easy installation

Integrates very well to the existing headlight assembly

Uniform LED effect

Up to 10 times more light output compared to a standard T10 halogen bulb

All weatherproof design

Very long LED lifetime

Bright and visible


Color temperature: 6000 K – pure white

Brightness: 850 lumens

Voltage: 12 V

Power: 7 W

Application: daytime running light for BMW R1200GS/GSA (2004-2012)

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