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The ACCELERATOR module™ is just the product you want! With over a few thousands of units sold in the last year, this technology has been proven to be great improvement for your motorcycle. Within minutes you transform your motorcycle into a performance your always wanted. And this at a fraction of the cost of similar tuning modules!

The ACCELERATOR module™ is the perfect answer on these "lean fuel mixtures" problems and is an add-on product that adjust the ratio of the fuel mixture to the optimum ratio during mainly the acceleration of the engine.

The result is that it creates a smoother power delivery throughout the whole rpm range! (already clearly visible at much lower rpm's compared to the standard configuration, where much less an "on-off" feeling prevails). The engine picks up faster and runs smoother. A clear improvement of a faster throttle response is immediately observed.

Some characteristics:

Easy installation

Is a complete Plug-n-Play tuning module where no DYNO test bench is needed

Is a proven technology in the automotive and motorcycle industry

Gives you more torque at the lower rev's

Gives you a faster throttle response

Is made out of high quality components

Compensates in a temperature range between -30 and +80 degrees Celsius

Gives a faster response to the gas changes, even at lower rev's

Withstands the rough motorbike driving conditions

Multiple motorcycles brands and models are supported

Test report in magazine "Motorcycle Consumer News"


As part to better assess the situation on the road in the dark (see) and about the passive safety (be seen), one can consider to replace the standard halogen lamps of your motocycle with a H7-3000LM LED conversion kit.

Applying a H7-3000LM LED conversion kit for your bike gives a number of advantages:

Easy installation.

SEE and BE SEEN, this at night or day!

LED lamps of 6000K gives a bright white light, which strongly approache normal daylight.

3 times more light than a standard halogen light.

Faster seeing the dangers.

Better reflection of road signs and road markings.

longer and wider light cone.


For the R1200GS/GSA (2004-2012) there is a daytime running light (DRL) available. This option makes the bike unique.

See and be seen with the LED daytime running light

Uniquely styled lighting

Uniform LED effect

Up to 10 times more light output compared to a standard T10 halogen bulb

All weatherproof design


Flashing brake lights reduce the reaction time of people driving behind you. This means less chance of being rear ended. Upon applying the brakes, the brake light will flash rapidly for few seconds and then go on solid.

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